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“Musky Mayhem with the Woods!”

Pictured Above: Good friend Brian Wood, fishing along-side father Jim Wood (Not Pictured) succeeded in stirring up the water on a calm day.

FML Outdoors Featured Catch of the Day

49-inch Musky. Released for you.

Lake Minnetonka, MN


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150 years ago, Lake Superior Whitefish was called the daily bread of the Ojibwe anglers, as it was very abundant. Sue Erickson Staff, writer for the Wisconsin Mazina’igan paper, says that today’s wholesale market prices are well below what they were twelve years ago or more. Prices of salmon and whitefish are low, but both are a wanted and needed commodity. More on the website: www.lakesuperiorwhitefish.com

salmon_skinInformation on whitefish, lake trout and lake herring can be found there, and information on the health benefits of N-3 (omega-3) fish oil and how to protect your heart and protect your family from dangerous chemical contaminants like mercury found in local and state fish and imported fish such as walleye from Canada as reported by the Chicago-Tribune story, Toxic risk on your plate, found at: www.chicagotribune.com/news/specials

Women who may be pregnant or nursing, and young children should eat types of fish lower in mercury. 1-888-SAFEFOOD for more information. Alternatively, go to: www.cfsan.fda.gov/~dms/admehg3.html

For a great source for A to Z fish recipes, go here: www.justseafoodrecipes.com or www.justsalmonrecipes.com

*At the above website, more recipes can be found like: Beaver, deer, muskrat, opossum, rabbit, squirrel, turtle and many more.

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