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Innate vs. learned

The basic relationship between predator vs. prey is well-known. There are laws of nature that we not only embrace, but take an active role in. This begs the question of some as to whether our hunting/gathering instincts and behaviors are innate or learned. I whole heartedly believe that it is innate.  Now, I won’t argue with someone who testifies that certain behaviors can be learned or introduced and then further explored and fine tuned. There’s no doubt of that, but If you look at every single living organism on the planet, everything from an ant to an elephant, the shortest blade of grass to the tallest tree, and even bacteria, in and around us, along with all microscopic living organisms, our most basic purpose is the same and that is — to survive. I don’t care what living organism we’re talking about, we all inhibit the basic will and termination to exist. (more…)


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It’s pretty tough to beat a beautiful fall day on the grouse trail with great companionship in the likes of your best four-legged and two-legged hunting buddies. It’s even nicer when the birds are cooperating! Well that’s just exactly what many hunters across Minnesota are experiencing. For many hunters, ruffed grouse hunting is much like a right of passage. The sound of a flushing grouse is unmistakable and once heard — unforgettable! Many hunters can look back and recall the early years of their hunting career beginning with a pocket full of shotgun shells, walking along-side Dad down old logging roads and trails in hopes of bagging this elusive bird.

So far this season, wonderful weather coupled with birds at near peak population has kept many hunters returning to the woods and putting miles under their boots.

Successful reports are coming in from all over the state on both private and public lands.

Hunters are experiencing especially great numbers in the northland, with some local hunters near Duluth reporting upwards of 30 flushes a day! One popular hotspot seems to be the Canosia WMA, with many hunters reporting success on its extensive trail system. Those taking advantage of public trails along the north shore — all the way to Grand Marais are burning powder, spraying pellets and walking back to their vehicle feeling prosperous!

My golden retriever Gunnar and I have hit the trails in both St.Louis and Carlton county and haven’t had to put too much leg work in before flushing birds. We experienced great numbers of grouse and woodcock last season and so far this year is shaping up to be a good as well!

Considering the Ruffed Grouse ten-year population cycle and hunter success this season, now is the time to get out and enjoy the large constellation of upland birds!

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Prepare for real-world encounters

Now that Minnesota’s and Wisconsin’s bow hunting seasons are underway, thousands of archers will take to the woods in pursuit of North America’s most popular game animal — the whitetail deer! For those of us who just can’t get enough hunting, the bow season is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of this time of year.

Archery season affords us the luxury of enjoying over three months of pursuing our passion — all the while, enjoying some of the best weather and scenery the year has to offer. Even though the season has begun, it’s important to reflect on the skills and preparation required, because you can drastically increase your chances of success by preparing for it properly.

Practice, practice, practice!

There is a big difference between target shooting and bowhunting. If you want to better your chances for closing-the-deal, you need to prepare specifically for those types of situations.

One of the most important and beneficial things to have in your archery arsenal is Confidence! The only way to achieve this is through practice and preparation! (more…)

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First Annual 2010 Chili Cookoff
was a great success!

This years 2010 Annual Chili Cookoff winner is…

FML Outdoor Editor,
Scott Nelson

15 couples attended this years event with 11 crockpots full of dangerously good chili!

I had my sites set on winning this event!

Each crockpot was given a number as guest sampled and voted on enormous amounts
of tasty chili.

Within our group of fire eaters — to my surprise,
none of the chili was very spicy?

Pictured Above: Scott and Kevin
enjoying their favorite chili.

Click here for this and other FML Outdoors recipes!

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