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Prepare for real-world encounters

Now that Minnesota’s and Wisconsin’s bow hunting seasons are underway, thousands of archers will take to the woods in pursuit of North America’s most popular game animal — the whitetail deer! For those of us who just can’t get enough hunting, the bow season is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of this time of year.

Archery season affords us the luxury of enjoying over three months of pursuing our passion — all the while, enjoying some of the best weather and scenery the year has to offer. Even though the season has begun, it’s important to reflect on the skills and preparation required, because you can drastically increase your chances of success by preparing for it properly.

Practice, practice, practice!

There is a big difference between target shooting and bowhunting. If you want to better your chances for closing-the-deal, you need to prepare specifically for those types of situations.

One of the most important and beneficial things to have in your archery arsenal is Confidence! The only way to achieve this is through practice and preparation! (more…)


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