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“To Drill or Drift?”

Unseasonably cold weather puts Minnesota’s 2013 Opening Fishing Season on ice as hardy-souls find drilling for walleyes easier than drifting.

Baudette, MN


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“Clubbing Outdoors”

With the Yukon loaded to-the-gills and the Beasty Boys playing, fish were soon pulling at our lines and New York strip steaks flamed over a hot grill. The air was filled with laughter and the cold night sky danced with green and purple Northern Lights.

This is my kind of night out-on-the town – swilling a few cold beverages and pickin up a few Walleyes to take home!

A blizzard came through Saturday, which really turned fishing around. My buddy Brian and I caught our limit of Walleyes and Saugers by 3:00! The other ice-house came in at a close second.

I smell a Fish-Fry!

Lake of the Woods, MN

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Josh and 2 friends from work fished Mille Lacs Lake out on the mud flats in 3 to 4-foot waves, while trolling cranks in 25 to 30-feet of water!  “My buddy Joe got pretty sea sick,” laughs Josh. “We caught 4 walleye in 2-hours before we decided it was too rough. It took over an hour to get back to shore — worst boat ride ever!”

FML Outdoors Featured Catch of the Day

First fish 23-inches, 24-inches, 25-inches and finally a 22-incher, all released.

Mille Lacs Lake, MN

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WOW! I can’t believe it! Just a few weeks ago, I announced to our members that the YouTube video, “Monster Fish Caught On Video” was within 25,000 views of a million! And TODAY it has reached 1-Million views! This is very exciting, especially when you think twenty hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute; in turn, users stream 75 billion videos per year. With all those videos, what do you think our chances were of making a dent in YouTube and reaching, 1 million hits?

1 of every 3.1 million YouTube videos ever receive 1 million hits!

Source(s): Book of Odds estimate based on data from: Wilson, Chris. Slate YouTube Study. 07/02/2009., Appendix Slate YouTube Study Data.

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Now, there’s a billboard I’d like to see!

The original floating lure, first invented in 1936 by Laurie Rapala, eventually becoming Normark fishing industries by 1959. Back then, catching more fish
was the game — and still is today!

This Worlds Leading manufacturer of crankbaits, created the most realistic lure on the market. Considered a classic — today there are many more advanced options.

We all want to catch more fish and tell stories about the-big-fish-that-got-away. So, how is it that soft bait manufacturers are able to keep pace with the number one high-tech lure manufacturer?

Have an idea for a Rapala sign? Send me your ideas
and I’ll post it here on FML Outdoors!

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