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“Clubbing Outdoors”

With the Yukon loaded to-the-gills and the Beasty Boys playing, fish were soon pulling at our lines and New York strip steaks flamed over a hot grill. The air was filled with laughter and the cold night sky danced with green and purple Northern Lights.

This is my kind of night out-on-the town – swilling a few cold beverages and pickin up a few Walleyes to take home!

A blizzard came through Saturday, which really turned fishing around. My buddy Brian and I caught our limit of Walleyes and Saugers by 3:00! The other ice-house came in at a close second.

I smell a Fish-Fry!

Lake of the Woods, MN


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WOW! I can’t believe it! Just a few weeks ago, I announced to our members that the YouTube video, “Monster Fish Caught On Video” was within 25,000 views of a million! And TODAY it has reached 1-Million views! This is very exciting, especially when you think twenty hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute; in turn, users stream 75 billion videos per year. With all those videos, what do you think our chances were of making a dent in YouTube and reaching, 1 million hits?

1 of every 3.1 million YouTube videos ever receive 1 million hits!

Source(s): Book of Odds estimate based on data from: Wilson, Chris. Slate YouTube Study. 07/02/2009., Appendix Slate YouTube Study Data.

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Almost there! 976,567 views and counting!

Well, this is exciting! Posted nearly two years ago, Fat Man’s Landings first-ever video climbs to 976,567 views and almost 500 comments! I’m very pleased to see so many sportsman still out there who can appreciate a day-on-the-ice! Keep your eyes on this video and other great stories only on FML Outdoors!

FML Outdoors

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“This is weird” — Dennis Hopper

You may recall Dennis Hopper, in his best known performance, riding alongside Peter Fonda in the classic movie, “Easy Rider” but how many have ever seen the documentary footage of Mr. Hopper fishing in Thailand for the elusive giant squid?

In an expedition to be the first to catch this deep-sea creature, host John Lurie, fishing alongside Mr. Hopper are very entertaining as they prove to us…they know nothing about fishing in the contemporary film “Fishing with John.”

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Fat Man’s Landing Logo

Fat Man’s Landing Logo

Good Times Had By All

Do you have a memory of your father fishing or perhaps an old hunting story that gets a few laughs each year at deer camp?

I invite others to share your experiences, tips and pictures that will help others appreciate and enjoy the great outdoors.

Please respond within Comments (shown below) and I’ll get right back to you as soon as possible!

A great way to relive and archive precious moments with family and friends.

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A compilation of big fish caught on our annual ice fishing trip to Arnesen’s Rocky Point Resort. I hope you like it!

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