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2010 produced some huge sheds — Found not too far from my house were these pair of 12-point antlers; scoring a record 91 3/8 for the right and 89 5/8 for the left! How I would love to see a deer that massive!

The video below is kinda shaky, but worth a watch…check it out!


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To say this season has been odd — would be an understatement! The early season’s weather made hunting conditions, in many areas, less than ideal. This left a lot of folks banking on the rut, which ultimately fell pretty flat for many hopeful hunters. The 2010 deer season has been a head-scratcher. Even so, we have been fortunate this year.

We’ve had steady deer activity despite very unusual patterns all season.

At Chasin’ Tails, we are fortunate to have harvest a number of deer. Both Justin and our dad scored impressive bucks and only until recently…I was rewarded a nice doe. Each season has its ups and downs. All we can do is put in our time to win. Lose or draw, it’s important to enjoy the pursuit. (more…)

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A battle with frostbite and big deer leave this bow hunter numb.

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“I Hear. I See. I know…”

Pictures featuring a Minnesota Deer Hunt.

FML Outdoors pictures of the Day

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Chasin’ Tail team competes with thick ice and snow for big bucks.

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McIntosh Sr. Connects with large buck!

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Jacob and Justin venture north to Wisconsin to find monster bucks.

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