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The story behind these pictures…

On this years spring canoe trip to the Upper Iowa river we experienced something called, “Fresh-Air Apnea” a condition sometimes brought on by over-paddling, staying up late and consuming numerous beers by the fire.

What’s the cure? Apparently, a good dose of antiquing, breakfast at the local bakery and an a espresso in the neighboring town of Decorah, Iowa. Everyone recovered and is feeling OK now.


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The Upper Iowa River is a tributary of the Mississippi River located in the northeast corner of Iowa. This weekend we canoed the most picturesque portion, bordering rolling hills and shear limestone cliffs, from Bluffton to Decorah, Iowa.

There’s a wonderful campground just outside of Decorah called, Pulpit Rock Campground. We arrived late Thursday night. Once our tents were assembled, we cracked-a-cold-one and proceeded to sit around the fire-pit swapping stories and conversing about the news.

We didn’t have any firewood so, I placed my Coleman LED lantern in the middle of the fire-ring, which gives-off a yellow glow when set to low. As the cold night air began to take over and the conversation grew wearisome, I quickly scooted off to bed. (more…)

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morel mushroomsI’m so glad we went south for this years annual canoe trip. With all the research I’ve done, I knew this area was good for Morel mushrooms.

As we pulled out of the river Saturday, I noticed a red pickup truck parked next to mine. We proceeded to load our canoes. I heard someone in the woods. A young college kid carrying what I hoped were mushrooms. It was exactly what I had hoped — Wild Morel mushrooms!

Morel Mushrooms — As beautiful as the day my daughter was born!

I talked to him for a little bit and tried to get some inside (or shall I say, outside) tips. He said, “Look for the tree with the bark falling off.”

I read about this but didn’t realize how important that information was — until later. (more…)

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