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“Enjoying the Snow!”

Photo by Diana Wise Photography

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Looking for a hunting dog…Check out some of the unique breeds featured at the Minneapolis Kennel Club Dog Show.

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I’d like to introduce my dog Abby. I will be mentioning her from time-to-time and thought maybe you should get to know her a little bit better.

She’s a German Wirehaired Pointer (GWP) but also called a Deutscher Drahthaariger, Vorstenhhund and Drahthaar. The breed was developed to suit the multiple terrain settings like mountains, forest and meadows. Its descent is from the Wirehaired Griffon, (has much longer hair) German Pointer, foxhound, and bloodhound.

Abby is an all purpose dog that is bred to point, track, hunt, kill and guard. GWP’s are not only great hunting dogs, but a wonderful addition to the family! Around the kids she is the most devoted dog I’ve every seen! When she’s not outside hunting, inside she entertains herself by hiding my daughters stuffed animals and then pretends to find them. She truly, loves to hunt!

GWP’s are very versatile dogs. She hunts upland and waterfowl and does a excellent job retrieving, both on land and in water. Much of it has come natural to her, but I did send her away for training at Willow Creek Kennels in Little Falls, Minnesota. She spent 4-weeks with her trainer and when it was all over, they shot and retrieved over 100 birds! With that being said — she knows exactly what to do!

Below are pictures of Abby in action!

Abby is a German Wirehaired Pointer

Abby is a German Wirehaired Pointer

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