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It was a great trip last weekend! I can’t believe I was still able to travel after being up most the night for my 40th birthday party! That too was a wonderful time and I appreciate everyone’s partake in the celebration.

Scott K. and I traveled to Windom, MN last Saturday as we always do this time of the year. It’s pheasant hunting at it’s prime. We met-up with Adam, Derek, Eric, Josh, and Tony at a little motel near the end of town. It takes about an hour and forty-five minute to drive from the cities. That first cup of coffee and the excitement of being in the field kept us awake.



After a bite to eat at Micky D’s we were off to one of the local Wildlife Management Areas. We didn’t get too far out of town and I spotted a rooster in the ditch. We pulled off the road and quickly got out our guns. Abby and I walked to where I saw the pheasant. As we drew closer, it launched in a flurry of feathers and laughed with a cackle, as I got three quick shots off. It didn’t look like I hit it, but as the bird flew away it hit one of the power lines and fell to the ground. I couldn’t believe it! I walked over and picked it up — my first pheasant of the day!

I ended up shooting six rooster, but only recovering three. It was a great trip and we’ll do it again next year!

Oh, by the way…we didn’t hunt Sunday, because most of the crew was hung-over from parting the night before at the Phat Pheasant Steak House and Saloon. Hey Derek! Did you have the Phat Pheasant? How was it?


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