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“Wild About Morels!”

Wow! Another season has quickly arrived! Once you see Lilacs blooming, it’s time for a walk in the woods! Now — if you’ve never hunted Morel Mushrooms, please don’t be discouraged if you don’t find them right away. It takes patients, a good eye and a whole lot of luck. Listed below are my hottest tips:

  1. Wear light clothing (Ticks are attracted to darker colors, plus
    they are more easily seen) and use rubber bands around cuffs
    and tuck your pants into your socks.
  2. Look for areas with dense tree growth (Your local parks
    are a great resource)
  3. Look for trees that are loosing their bark. (Not completely,
    but just starting to!)
  4. Walk slowly around trees. Using a stick, look under the leaves
    covering the ground. The mushrooms my be 20-feet away!
  5. Oh! I’d go now! Before your neighbor picks them first!

See our Outdoor Recipes section for Morel Mushroom Soup and other tasty concoctions.

Fat Man’s Landing, MN


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