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“I Shine, Even When No One Else Is Watching!”

This picture was taken minutes before the forest floor was covered in snow.

“A Reflection of Deer Season’s Past.”

I stood looking at the deer stand, built nearly 20 years ago, it reminded me of the many hunts — this year a tornado took it’s toll.

“Forest Floor Cheers, As I Walk The Grandstand.”

When the leaves fall and the forest floor becomes blanketed with summers spectacle — It is at my feet, I am reminded — what a wonderful game this is!

FML Outdoors pictures of the Day

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“A friendly visit – Hello.”

I don’t know what changed this year…but usually every deer season a little chickadee will land on my hat or gun. This year I had three chickadees, at different times of the day, land directly in my hand. One even rested on my thumb and proceeded to peck!

FML Outdoors picture of the Day

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