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“What Keeps Me Coming Back for More!”

I’m at the hunting shack, sharing stories with friends and excited for tomorrow’s hunt. The crisp, cold air fills my mind as the frost on the corn and trees surrounds me. Wishing everyone the best and safe hunting!

Fat Man’s Landing, MN


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“Whomever speaks the loudest…get’s the most attention!”

It’s about communication
Kids today are more entertained and made to feel as though they can live a more adventurous life online. Plus, most of the Outdoor Web sites speak to the avid hunter and fishermen who already own a boat, motor and trailer! The future lies with the next generation.

All this talk about raising the cost of licenses…Perhaps is needed — but is it the right time? I’ll give you an example: A local gun range raises their rates — consequently they are loosing members. Will they survive with less members?

What could they have done differently?

They simply could have shut down half of their trap houses and strategically promoted…perhaps Couples Night! to bring more value to their members. Instead, they go after the pockets of those who keep them in business.

It’s marketing 101.
Bring more value and your best advocates will love you for it! In turn, they will utilize your services more and invite others to join in — see where I’m going?

The kids on the couch and the parents who struggle with time need to find more value. Make it about the price of running the DNR and that’s all you’ll have…a bunch of officials looking across the table for money to sustain what they have already created.

On a side note: Never once have I ever been pulled over by the water patrol and asked, “Hello folks! Are you enjoying yourself today?” ”Just checking to make sure everyone is playing save.” See how I took a situation where many of us may have felt as though the officer was there to ticket you and turn a beautiful day into a rain cloud over your head!

I’ll say it again…Bring more value and you’ll attract more to the sport.

I know I may get flack from this email and I’ve broken a few of my own rules about blogging — but this is a time for all of us to concentrate our efforts in a good way. Whether you are a State Official or parent — it’s not about the cost of enjoying nor is it the rules governing Minnesota’s woods and waters, but rather — what memories can we create and what positive influences will we pass on so the next generation will find value in the Outdoors.

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