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An elderly couple emerges from their home after a long winter
and are now being pulled by a new presence and their dog.

Another neighbor reaches high from a step-ladder
to hang a basketball net. All these messages tell me it’s spring!

Buckets hang on the side of maple trees, my ears drum
and my eyes focus on a glistening drip and I feel in sync with nature.

Soon the bounce of a basketball beats in unison with running sap.

The glow of a blue flame and the hiss of gas
becomes a burning light as the show begins!

Clouds of steam begin to rise from the pot,
swirling like a tornado after a old maple grove.

The smell — like melting cotton candy and the rush of hot steam
lifts the winters chill from around my head,
as it passes through my nose and into my brain.
The transmission my soul receives is that this is
one of natures best gifts.

As I stand over the pot, feeling the steam massage my face,
I begin to wonder? Would someone ever pay to sit
in a bath of maple syrup? I suppose someone already has —

Today, I will simply bathe in the enjoyment
of making homemade maple syrup
and will savor this experience,
while eating Sunday waffles with
family and friends.

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