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My black lab, James is a little over a year old. Some say a great age to learn basic obedience, but perhaps too young to hunt. Waiting until he is closer to two for field training is best.

In looking for ways to train myself, I came across a book called, All Dogs Need Some Training by Liz Palika.

Besides learning basic commands for your dog, she also includes very simple exercises dog’s will be eager to learn. Chapter 8 has some good games for dogs. Liz shares helpful thoughts on how dogs perceive owners and vice versa. Thanks, Liz! Great book!


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“Passionate about Hunting”

Chad and Jodi Hines of Willow Creek Kennels, located just outside
Little Falls, MN are doing things right!

These two lovebirds, grew up loving and training dogs! Now — husband and wife team, putting their passion to work, the two have created a one-of-a-kind gun dog training facility, as well as game hunting preserve!

Back in 2008, my German Wirehaired Pointer received her first gun training at Willow Creek Kennels. After 4 weeks, my dog came home knowing exactly what to do! She even hunts ducks! This is because Chad took the time to introduce Abby to waterfowl, as well as upland game.

Today, when my dog Abby is not in the field, she’s hiding stuff in the backyard and then pretending to find it! Perhaps this wasn’t part of her training…but after visiting with Willow Creek Kennel’s skillful trainers…You’ll soon understand how serious they are about your young pup and providing the right start!

You can learn more about Willow Creek Kennels by clicking here! Tell’em Fat Man’s Landing sent you!

Little Falls, MN

Abby is a German Wirehaired Pointer

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