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Jacob McIntosh reflects on today’s weather as hunters prepare
for Opening Deer Hunting.

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Chasin’ Tail – Premier

Join FML Outdoors Pro Staff writer Jacob McIntosh and brother Justin, both avid hunters living in northern Minnesota, as they bring us closer to the action with daily video reports from the Northwoods called, “Chasin’ Tail.”

See and hear weather reports, learn about deer movements and watch daily trail camera activity, so you can be better prepare for this opening deer season!

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The week before Halloween my friends and I usually travel to Ontario, Canada, near the Northwest Angle. We would hunt deer on the many islands located on Lake of the Woods.

There was one year we got stuck 30-miles out when a storm blew in like the one this week. With 50-mile sustainable winds, we had 4 to 6 foot waves as we fought our way back to deer camp! We took two boats, a 17-foot Alumacraft and a Bayliner runabout. I was driving the Alumacraft, while wave-after-wave would crash over the bow; only to land on the motor behind me.

We pulled ashore twice to start a fire and wait for the wind to subside. The squalls would raise the lake to our face — drenching our souls and leaving a chill I still feel today!

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Food Plots: What you can plant now for a great fall plot!

Food plots are a great way to improve property and to grow and hold more wildlife. By providing precious nutrients, and attracting a wide range of critters, food plots can be enjoyed by hunters and all nature enthusiasts alike!

Often grown to attract, and hold deer, different plots may be utilized by wild turkey, waterfowl, upland birds and other wildlife as well. By growing food plots we can provide animals like deer with the nutrients most beneficial to them specific for any given time of year. In short, this means we can tailor our plots for our herd’s specific needs. We can provide them with valuable protein during the growing stages of spring and summer, vital for body and antler growth as well as lactation and healthy fawn development.

Of course we can also plant things that will provide deer with the much-needed energy, carbohydrates and protein it takes to recover from the rut in the late fall into winter. So whether you’re trying to develop a healthier wildlife population, or create a hunting hot spot (or both), now is the time to plant for a great fall plot!

There are so many choices when it comes to choosing what to grow in your food plots, that if you’re new to the process it can be a bit overwhelming. Food plots really are a labor of love, and if you just take a little time before hand to do some research, you can save yourself a lot of frustration later.

Important Considerations:

  • Region and climate
  • Soil type – What to plant
  • Size
  • Goals
  • Equipment

Once these considerations are made, the best bet may vary from person-to-person, region-to-region. In my area of Northeastern Minnesota, as well as the upper Midwest the period of time from late August to mid September is the time to plant for fall plots. (more…)

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“Not Your Typical Day!”

I received Brian’s call Monday. A tall 11-point rack was not typical, nor was the 60-degree weather! I was asleep in my stand when this deer was harvested.

Bowstring, MN

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Today, I shot the biggest deer of my life. Granted, it’s no 10-pointer, but it was a very large 8-point buck!

I spent the morning in my tree stand and part of the day walking the woods; sitting in everyone’s deer stand. The rest of the crew was back at the cabin watching movies and eating popcorn.

Scott shoots the biggest buck of his life

Scott shoots the biggest buck of his life

By late evening, I decided to go back to my tree. I put deer scent all around my stand and on the neighboring deer trials.

Before long, this guy, an 8-point buck, comes walking fast with his nose to the ground following the stink I’d laid out for him. He walked within 20-feet of me. I figured there was no sense in ruining any of the meat, so I put one in the neck. Damn good shot I must say — with open sites! He dropped right were I shot.

I’ll be taking this one home and processing the meat myself. I really enjoy making deer sausage and sharing the results with my friends.

It goes to show…the true hunter that stays in the woods gets the deer!

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I thought since I was sharing Tim’s good fortune with everyone that I’d post Ryan’s Buck he shot last year on the same trip to Canada. Here you go…Nice 8-pointer!

Ryan Bags a 10-Point Buck

Ryan Bags a 8-Point Buck

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