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Today, I shot the biggest deer of my life. Granted, it’s no 10-pointer, but it was a very large 8-point buck!

I spent the morning in my tree stand and part of the day walking the woods; sitting in everyone’s deer stand. The rest of the crew was back at the cabin watching movies and eating popcorn.

Scott shoots the biggest buck of his life

Scott shoots the biggest buck of his life

By late evening, I decided to go back to my tree. I put deer scent all around my stand and on the neighboring deer trials.

Before long, this guy, an 8-point buck, comes walking fast with his nose to the ground following the stink I’d laid out for him. He walked within 20-feet of me. I figured there was no sense in ruining any of the meat, so I put one in the neck. Damn good shot I must say — with open sites! He dropped right were I shot.

I’ll be taking this one home and processing the meat myself. I really enjoy making deer sausage and sharing the results with my friends.

It goes to show…the true hunter that stays in the woods gets the deer!

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