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2009 Main Event

First Place: 1 Ib. 7 oz., Matt Quam, – Black Bay
Second Place:
1 Ib. 2 oz, Peter Dunlap, – Laffette Bay
Third Place:
1 Ib. 1 oz., Brian Daherty, – Grays Bay

Junior Division

First Place: 1 Ib., Dan Rezabek,
Second Place:
14 oz., Karly Smith
Third Place:
13 oz., Lauren Lembke

A Fishing Tradition Not Lost

It was a great day to be fishing, as nearly 500 fishing lines got wet. Though, the weather wasn’t quite as warm as yesterday — 80’s to now 55˚degrees, that didn’t stop die-hard anglers from motoring out to their favorite crappie holes. (more…)

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