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“What makes me smile!”

Today‘s Featured Trip (Willow Creek Kennels): The weather planned for Saturday was 2-degrees above zero. It was cold — but soon, after huffing and puffing, my shotgun barrel was warm and the dogs went into action.

Little Falls, MN

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“Trout, Trout, Trout!”

Fly Fishing Trip: How serious are you about fishing? How about a 30-mile hike before you ever wet a line? Sometimes you have to find the end-of-the trail before you start enjoying some of the worlds best trout fishing. (Can you find the Golden trout)?

Somewhere, WY

“To Drill or Drift?”

Unseasonably cold weather puts Minnesota’s 2013 Opening Fishing Season on ice as hardy-souls find drilling for walleyes easier than drifting.

Baudette, MN

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“Why sleep, when you can go fishing!”

The alarm went off today at 4:00 a.m. “Why so early,” you may ask? It’s Wisconsin’s Opening Trout fishing season! We arrived at the river — just as the sun came up. The outside thermometer reads -4 degrees below zero! It was cold, but well worth getting up for!

Kinnikinnick River, WI

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“What Keeps Me Coming Back for More!”

I’m at the hunting shack, sharing stories with friends and excited for tomorrow’s hunt. The crisp, cold air fills my mind as the frost on the corn and trees surrounds me. Wishing everyone the best and safe hunting!

Fat Man’s Landing, MN

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“Fall Spender!”

Today‘s Featured Canoe Trip (Crow River, North Fork): Unseasonably weather brought 80-degree temperatures on this fall canoe trip. Friday we ventured to Lake Maria and boiled up Crayfish with Mussels, while roughing it with some homemade brew. Saturday was a tummy-buster with Pot Roast, carrots and potatoes. The half-mile trek to our campsite kept us in shape for dessert — Homemade Apple Crisp!

Crow River, MN

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“A Picture Perfect Day!”

Today‘s Featured Canoe Trip (Crow River, North Fork): A one-hour drive west of the Twin Cities puts you in your canoe and paddling one of Minnesota’s best rivers. This narrow river, with a procession of large oaks and maples trees along it’s banks, challenges paddlers attention. Dead-fall and low hanging branches are around every corner — making manoeuvring this river a fun attraction in low water months.

Crow River, MN


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